Lovely food from lovely people

Trawling through the news today, it seems almost overwhelmingly negative. Alarm about rising toxicity in the Gulf from the oil, the poisonous chemical dispersants, the burning of the oil, and rising methane levels due to fractures in the surface of the ocean floor.

Baboons and rhinos being killed for sport, for aphrodisiacs, or to ‘keep the peace’. Members of an environmental group protesting a new golf course near George assaulted. Record low ice levels in the Arctic. Rising threats and instances of another outbreak of xenophobic violence.

But the strange thing is that when I get my news from people, not print, the picture changes. We are surrounded by people doing what they love, passionate, and making a difference to all they encounter.

If we are doing what we love, with love, we find that loving is not limited – the more we practice it, and circulate it around, the more we have to offer and the more returns to us.

Eating the best food for our body, for the people producing it, and for the planet is then not a matter of racking up a score on some imaginary green checklist – it becomes an expression of who we are.

Have a loving week full of lovely food!
Ian and the Ethical Co-op team

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