We’re hiring

The co-op is hiring! We’re looking for a ‘general co-ordinator’, and if that doesn’t mean much to you, but you think that working with a passionate bunch of people in an open and transparent environment, making a substantial contribution doing something you love appeals, take a look at our ‘jobs’ link on the site for more information. Applications close Thursday 7 March.

We’ve got some more additions to our range this week. Don’t we ever stop? Much to our surprise we seem to have one of the widest ranges of organic and ethical products available in the country today, and if we can do it, a tiny co-operative with one fulltime staff member, why can’t everyone else? Until they do, we’ll just keep searching them out for you.

There are three new certified organic rice pastas, all wheat, dairy and gluten-free, coming in penne, spaghetti and rotini (the fusilli-like spirals) varieties, and a whole lot more. Take a look at our featured and new section.

To order, go to www.ethical.org.za.

The Co-op team.