rBGH takes another knock

Good news from the US is that rBGH, Monsanto’s Bovine Growth Hormone, has taken another knock. Last year I mentioned that California Dairies, which produces 8% of the US milk supply had stopped dosing their cows with it. And now, following the lead of so many smaller outlets, the giant corporation Wal-Mart have announced that their store brand of milk will also be rBGH-free.

While rBGH is banned in much of the world, it’s available in South Africa and the US. It’s given to cows to make them produce more milk, but shortens their lives, and results in an increased likelihood of mastitis, an infection of the udder. This is then treated with antibiotics, which end up in the milk. Treated cows also produce milk containing elevated levels of another hormone, IGF-1, associated with increased likelihood of human cancers (source).

A campaign that came up against huge amounts of money, marketing and misinformation, may now finally be reaching an end. rBGH was approved in the US in 1993 amidst much controversy. In 1998 Monsanto put pressure on Fox TV to pull a documentary, the result of a year’s investigation, highlighting the harmful effects, and the journalists were fired. But, 15 years later, the truth has prevailed, and Americans are catching up to the rest of the world in their opposition to rBGH.

Unfortunately cows are still routinely administered rBGH in South Africa.

This week we have a whole host of new products. These include a range of incense from Rare Earth. Unlike many brands of incense, these contain no synthetic matter. All the packaging of the products is derived from recycled paper and the manufacturers belong to the Fair Trade Organisation. None of the products are tested on animals and child labour is not used.

There are two ranges on offer, the Classic range, which includes traditional fragrances such as jasmine and cedarwood, and the Ayurvedic range, formulated according to Ayurvedic principles. Click on the product name for more details about each one.

More new products include essential oils from Last Thyme. Last Thyme have just got their official organic certification, and besides the traditional herbs of lavender, rosemary, eucalyptus and tea tree, they’re also offering essential oils from indigenous herbs, including cape rosemary, confetti bush, african wormwood, cape chamomile and rose geranium.

To order, go to www.ethical.org.za.

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The Co-op team.

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