Spring full moon

It’s both full moon and the spring solstice today, a time when the sun’s energy is evenly-shared over both the northern and southern hemispheres. Spring planting is in full swing, and our seeds are working hard to get themselves out of a warehouse shelf and into the grounds around the country. Why not plant something yourself, and get the most nutritious, freshest food you can imagine right from your garden?

If you think you don’t have enough space, take heart from the fact that the most profitable “farms” in the world are those in pots in New York apartment balconies. You never have too little space!

Great Green Wall
In China, planting has been happening on a whole new scale. In the last decade, 56 billion trees have been planted in China. 56 billion sounds a ridiculously high number until you consider that China is a country with a population of over 1.3 billion people, and there’s a government resolution making it the duty of each citizen over the age of 11 to plant at least three trees every year. Each year, China plants two and a half times more trees than the rest of the world combined, creating a “Great Green Wall” it hopes will protect it from encroaching desertification.

Lucuma Smoothies
When I make smoothies, I throw in whatever’s lying around, chocolate, spirulina, nuts, seeds, maca, without any careful planning or recipes to follow. The results tend to be a bit hit and miss. This week however I had perhaps my all-time best. The main ingredient was lucuma powder, a Peruvian fruit particularly high in carotene and niacin. It’s got a pleasant caramel custard-like taste, and apparently in Peru lucuma ice cream surpasses chocolate and vanilla as the most popular flavour.

Have a great spring solstice, and a blissful long weekend.

Ian and the Ethical Co-op team.

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