Holidays and Camphill Village

It’s a public holiday on Thursday, so please note that some of our usual collection points will be closed, and some hours will change. Sage Organics in Gardens, and the Hout Bay community centre will be closed. The Ethical Co-op warehouse in Diep River will be open on Wednesday afternoon, but not on Thursday, and the same applies to Go Natural in Somerset West.

Camphill Village is an eco-village up the west coast that aims to provide care and employment for adults with disabilities, particularly those at risk within their families and communities. In the past they mainly saw children with autism, while now it’s mostly children who have suffered abuse or neglect.

It’s a eco-village in the real sense, as the residents work on the land, consume what they produce, recycle much of their minimal waste, and produce products for sale from this seasonal produce.

Like most communities, things don’t always run according to plan. Last month their borehole collapsed, and the loss of their main water supply resulted in their cows taking strain, with an impact on their milk production, as well as some large expenses as they organised a new borehole. They also grow lettuce, but the guinea fowl gobbled up a recent batch, and the cows broke through the fence and ate the next one.

Camphill Farm is run on biodynamic principles, as it has been for over 30 years. So, the guinea fowl aren’t kept away with poisons or timed explosions – rather they use a fence made of old audio tape. Apparently the shimmering light reflecting off the tape scares them away.

Camphill supply us with a large range of products. There are seeds (peas and beans in the featured and new section, as well as coriander, dill, fennel and swiss chard in the garden section), 100% rye bread and rye biscuits in the bakery section, creme fraiche, milk and yoghurt in the dairy section, dried sage, dried coriander and herb salts in the dried herbs section, wheat and sugar-free muesli in the breakfast section, and jams and chutneys made from, amongst others, kei apple, lemon, orange, guava, as well as body products such as lavendar bath milk and deodorants.

And finally, after last week’s lengthy and serious video, Star Wars fans might enjoy this week’s one – Grocery Store Wars.

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Enjoy the break if you’re having one,
the Co-op team