Ethical Co-op on Free Spirit

Those of you who missed our TV appearance on Free Spirit in March can now view it online.

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  1. Lady Sarah

    What a wonderful initiative! In every way. I am impressed and grateful that the ethical co-op exists and hope many more similiar initatives are inspired around the country. The principles are explained beautifully by Ian Gilfillan. Thanks ethical co-op for your important contribution; and thank you to Free Spirit for continuing to show the country the many alternative choices available helping us to live whole and well.

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    [...] Earlier this year Free Spirit, the spiritual lifestyle TV series, featured a segment on the Ethical Co-op. Those of you who missed it can now view it online. [...]

  3. Soul Economy

    Well done Ethical Co-op! I read and hear much about the developments in ethical consumerism, particularly in the UK and Europe, but am inspired to see that it is growing in interest and strength in other parts of the world as well.

  4. Jen

    Great video! And how wonderful that your co-op is not just about money, but about integrity, sound values and ethics. It makes all the food you sell taste that much nicer!

  5. Zola

    Local local local....its the solution to so many things. I use the ethical co-op for my veggies and you guys are great! I like how Ian explains how they don't want to become like the corporates and instead he encourages others to start something similar. The emphasis is not on PROFITS but on good health, good values and good co-operation. Well done! Now lets just convince the rest of the world to think like this.....