Would Jesus buy chocolate?

Earlier this year Free Spirit, the spiritual lifestyle TV series, featured a segment on the Ethical Co-op. Those of you who missed it can now view it online.

Something not to miss is the South African premiere of “What would Jesus Buy“, a docu-comedy about the commercialisation of Christmas. It’s presented by While You Were Sleeping and will be shown at the Labia on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday evening.

I’d like to think Jesus would buy chocolate. There’s much hype these days about its health benefits; and it’s true, chocolate is an extremely healthy food. The catch though is that it needs to be raw. Cooking it, mixing it with dairy, and packing it in a bar full of sugar, is not the best way to gain any benefit.

Chocolate is produced from the seeds of the cacao tree, a plant native to the Americas. In Aztec mythology, the god Quetzalcoatl came to earth on a beam of the Morning Star, bringing an offering of a cacao tree. He taught the Aztecs how to make a drink from it, which they called “chocolatl”, or bitter water, which they believed brought universal wisdom. The botanical name, theobroma cacao, literally means “food of the gods”.

Raw chocolate contains large amounts of epicatechin, also found in tea and wine, which has been linked to dramatic reductions in the so-called big four – stroke, heart failure, cancer and diabetes. Epicatechin is removed from commercial cocoas, since it has a bitter taste. Chocolate also contains high levels of magnesium, a mineral many of us are deficient in. Shortage of magnesium has numerous negative effects, especially on the cardiovascular system, and has also been implicated in aggressiveness, hyperactivity and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.

If you can’t wait, head on over to www.ethical.org.za and take a look at our Chocs, Sweets and Snacks section. We’re offering raw chocolate in the form of the whole beans, nibs (the crushed beans) and powder from our Cape-Town based suppliers Soaring Free Superfoods.

As always, we welcome your feedback.

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  1. Neville Mandy

    Dear Friends With respect, and with great appreciation for the work you are doing, if your brand of raw chocolate contains caffeine, I doubt very much whether Jesus would have used it. Please beware of manufacturer's efforts to make suspect products sound healthy by isolating one good component in the product (wine etc) and ignoring the harmful effects of the other components in the product. I certainly love the taste of chocolate but have decided that the after-effects are simply not worth it and sincerely believe that some will have a problem with the "ethics" of promoting this product the way you have done here. Please accept this feedback in the same loving good spirit in which it is sent.

  2. Ian Gilfillan

    Thanks Neville for your feedback. Claiming that Jesus would buy chocolate was meant humourously, and as a link from the documentary about excessive consumerism. I agree it wasn't the best way to introduce the product, so apologies if anyone took offence. Speaking from personal experience, I cannot tolerate coffee, black tea or chocolate bars. I can though tolerate green tea, or raw chocolate in moderate amounts, both of which contain minimal amounts of caffeine, more so after improving my digestion, which is often the key to negative food reactions. I'm aware of over-exuberant manufacturers claims, but there is mounting independent research into the health benefits of raw chocolate. I sincerely believe that for many people, raw chocolate is a healthy product. Similarly, nuts are healthy for most people, although not if one has a nut allergy! Part of the problem though is that so many of us are out of touch with our bodies, and need others to tell us what is good for us. By noting that raw chocolate leaves you with unpleasant after-effects, you've got your definitive answer, no matter what anyone else says.

  3. join xocai

    It\'s taken the USA by storm and people are earning big bucks with through healthy chocolate...sounds good to me!

  4. Raw Chocolate

    Jesus was smart He knows that raw chocolate is the way to heaven :)