Looking for people to do home deliveries.

Home deliverers wanted

We are looking for people to do home deliveries for us on a weekly basis, on a Wednesday and/or a Thursday, starting from the 24th of June.

This work is ideal for someone that is passionate about organics, works flexi-time, needs some extra income, and wants to get to know some of their neighbouring organic community.

You will be paid per delivery, and the fee will cover petrol, wear and tear, as well as your time. The Ethical Co-op will be drop off all the orders for delivery at your home, after which you deliver the orders to customers in your area.

We are looking for delivery people in the following areas: City Bowl, Camps Bay, Sea Point, Llandudno, Pinelands, Observatory, Hout Bay, Muizenberg, Kalk Bay, Tokai, Tableview, Milnerton, Melkbosstrand, Durbanville, Northern Suburbs.

If you are interested, please contact us.

New this week, especially for the juicers, are wheat kernels, as well as spelt kernels.

Spelt is a grain very much like wheat, and you’ll find it in quite a few of our products. The earliest evidence of spelt being cultivated is from around 5000BC, near the Black Sea. It later became a staple across Europe, although it was then almost entirely replaced by bread wheat. It’s made a resurgence amongst organic farmers, as spelt is a much hardier plant, and requires much less fertiliser than wheat, its highly hybridized cousin. It’s also far more nutritious, containing, in particular more protein, as well as high amounts of manganese and Vitamin B2. Many people find it tastier too. Some people who react negatively to wheat can tolerate spelt, although it does still contain gluten.

2008 Produce Awards

Voting for the 2008 Eat In RMB Private Bank South African Produce Awards has commenced. Why not reward some of your favourite products and producers by voting for them. There are categories for best organic, and best small producer. There’s also an ‘outstanding outlet’ section, where you could vote for your favourite large supermarket, or, say, us!

Head on over to here to vote, or to www.ethical.org.za to order.

Have a great week,
the Co-op team