Bloublommetjies home care products, and the end of cheap oil

Bloublommetjies Home Care products

Those of you who got an order last Thursday would have seen the sample products from Bloublommetjies in your box. Bloublommetjies have a whole range of certified organic and biodynamic home care products, from dishwashing paste and liquid, all purpose cleaner, disinfectant, fabric softener, laundry products and even a pet shampoo.

Ingredients are almost entirely grown on Bloublommetjies farm, resulting in minimal waste and, being a local farm, a very low carbon footprint.

Biodegradeable packaging

This week we have a number of new packaging products available from Green Home. They’re made from plant starch material, instead of oil-based plastic. We’ve had some vibrant internal debates on the merits of oil-based plastic against plant-based materials, but have come to the conclusion that the plant-based packaging is a big step forward. Unlike biofuels, no land is devoted to growing plants for packaging materials – rather they’re derived from materials usually wasted during processing. With oil now over $140 a barrel, and on an inevitable upward trend, the era of cheap oil, with all its attendant waste, and plastics as an important component, is coming to an end.

What’s sometimes listed as ‘biodegradeable’ is simply ‘degradeable’, meaning that the product breaks down, but toxic chemicals are still leached into the soil. Green Home products are completely plant-based, so are truly biodegradeable.

Green Home have a wide range of products, including biodegradeable forks, spoons, cups and plates. We’re encouraging our own suppliers to use them, as it pains us to be distributing oil-based plastics. Now, after numerous requests, they’re available for everyone to buy.

As with all of our products, you can click on the product name for more details, and an explanation of ideal composting conditions.

Windup radios, torches and lanterns

Freeplay windup radios, lanterns and torches, which never require you to buy extra batteries, are back in stock at last. If you’re planning to order, head down to the ‘Other’ section, although you’ll need to move quickly, as they rapidly go out of stock, and take a while to return.

Distributors wanted

Thanks to everyone who responded to our ad a few weeks ago for distributors. Apologies that we haven’t responded yet – we will do so soon.

New collection point in Lakeside, Hout Bay

We have a new collection point in Lakeside – Zest Health Shop. Near the Woolworths and Sostanza Bakery, we hope the shop’s calm and light atmosphere will keep your veggies relaxed while they wait for you!

They also stock health foods, supplements such as Solgar and Viridian, Chinese and Homeopathic remedies, gluten and sugar-free products, goats milk products and various body care items. Their store manager, Lisa, will be happy to give you more information about any of their products.

We also have a new collection point in Hout Bay – the Health Path, in Victoria Road.

To order,

Have a great week,
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    I am interested in distributing your dish washing paste in the Port Elizabeth area.

  2. kirstin

    Hi Greta Please email - Wendy produces the dishwashing paste - to talk directly with her. If this bears no fruit, please contact us through the email addresses listed on our site to discuss wholesale possibilities Kirstin - Dry Goods

  3. Marianne

    I am interested in distributing your products in Pretoria