I am grateful

Gratitude is a key to happiness. When we are more grateful, we are happier. Gratitude is also much like love. It’s easy to apply conditionally – to be grateful for wonderful food, or wonderful people and experiences. It’s not so easy to apply unconditionally. How can we be grateful when people and experiences don’t seem so wonderful?

The key seems to be practising gratitude directed at these very things that don’t seem so wonderful. So that soon, gratitude is not just being grateful for something pleasant, but a permanent experience. Instead of “I am grateful for”, it becomes just “I am grateful”.

Holiday madness and a new collection point
After all the long weekends, with many of our suppliers taking a break (not to mention our customers) there’s still one more long weekend to go, but this week we’re almost back to normal with most of our suppliers back from their holidays, and most of our collection points open again.

We also have a new collection point opening, in Noordhoek.

Drift Packhouse
Drift Farm have been making some videos about their farm recently. Last time we featured their wind turbine, and this week we’ll feature their video providing a glimpse into their packhouse. You can view it here.

Have a wonderful week,
Ian and the Ethical team

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  1. Carolyn

    Hi Ian... I feel what you are saying and feel grateful too! ;-) Thanks for reminding us!

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