It’s a rainbow world

I once knew someone who said she stayed informed by skimming newspaper headlines.

I can’t think of a worse way to stay informed! I was reminded of this yesterday when I saw a headline “Bin Laden killing ‘justified’: Dalai Lama”. This seemed strange to me, so I read the original, and it was a fairly nuanced discussion of compassionate action, but nuances don’t make good newspaper headlines.

Headline-writers excel in taking politician’s comments out of context and spinning them into a headine that suits their angle. I can’t remember how many times I’ve read an article with a headline saying a person had “savaged” or “attacked” another person, when their comments have been the mildest of disagreements about another, all of which leads to others responding based on the original misinformation, and the ensuing mayhem also makes good news copy.

Luckily, it’s not a black and white world, where we can easily take sides – it’s a world full of all the colours in-between.

New this week
Hopefully most of the colours can be found on your plate too! After the April holidays there seems to be a new energy, and we have quite a few new items from our suppliers this week.

First up is avocados, one of our most popular items, and finally back thanks to Natually Organic. We also have very limited new supply of Rapunzel’s chocolate sesame snaps, yeast and soup stocks, as well as artichoke hearts from Sandveld. Artichoke hearts are bottled in cider vinegar with salt and lemon. It’s quite a labour-intensive job to prepare the artichoke hearts in this way, but judging from the way I’ve eaten through half the stock already, well-worth it!

Another staple unfortunately not back in stock is eggs (except in minute quantities sold out first thing Friday morning!)

Certified organic eggs are rare here, as certified organic chicken feed is rare and expensive. Free-range eggs are not quite as rare, although some are confused by the terms, and believe the terms are interchangeable. They’re not. Organic usually implies free-range, but free range eggs are still usually given feed consisting of genetically-modified maize and sometimes even animal by-products.

Also, free-range, much-like organic, has no legal standing here, so suppliers can sometimes be misleading in their claims.

So, we’re desperately looking for a reliable supplier of eggs, preferably organic, or at least truly free-range without genetically-modified or animal ingredients.

If you can help, please let us know.

Have a great week,
Ian and the Ethical team

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