Winter Floods

Perhaps last week’s newsletter, with its inclusion of the ‘Oranges and Lemons’ nursery rhyme, and a mention of chopping heads, was a bad omen. After specifically mentioning Kleinjongenskraal’s products, we didn’t get any deliveries from them, as their farm was cut off by this week’s dramatic floods in the area. Apologies for those who were affected.

Another of the farms which regularly supplies us is also taking a break. Docke Farm in Noordhoek is situated next to a wetland, and every year some of the fields flood. This is great for the soil quality, as the rich nutrients from the wetland are absorbed into the soil.

Elsewhere, many crops are drawing into themselves, and growing much more slowly as a result of the cold weather.

We have Thompson’s raisins and sunflower seeds back in stock this week. Both are listed as non-certified organic, a term we’re often questioned on. It means that the product adheres to organic standards, but is not certified by an external authority. In this case, the products were certified organic until they were packed, but because our warehouse is not certified, the final product cannot be labelled as certified organic. In other cases, it’s because the farms are small, and not willing or unable to pay for the label.

With one or two clearly listed exceptions, all the food on our site is grown according to organic principles. This is one of our core principles, and we have no interest in supporting the destructive, unsustainable and unhealthy practices around chemical farming.

The certification model works well where volumes are high, and products are shipped all over the world. It provides a 3rd-party guarantee of the principles used. But ultimately, the ideal is to know how your food is grown by knowing where it is grown, and by who – which farm, or which plot of land. That personal knowledge and trust in the integrity of your food is better than any label.

A reminder too that we have Freeplay‘s windup products, and a wide range of ayurvedic and classic incense, hidden away in our ‘Other’ section.

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