Apples, snow and plum juice

Eskimo words for snow
There’s an urban legend that there are many Eskimo words for snow, referring to the Inuit of North America. Actually the Inuit have about as many words for snow as English – it’s the Sami of Northern Europe that have over 300 words for snow.

We may think we “know” snow because we know the word and have applied it a few times. But can we really distinguish 300 varieties?

So much of our knowing is nothing more than being able to apply a word.

Which brings me to apples. That most common of fruit, even the youngest of children “know” what an apple is. But do we know the difference between the various varieties? How a green Granny Smith has a completely different look, taste and texture to a Royal Gala.

If you’ve been buying apples or the mixes boxes, you’ll have seen both the tart green Granny Smith, and the sweeter Royal Gala, the most popular supermarket variety. This week though we’ve got Pink Lady apples. Oblong in shape, green turning yellow overlaid with pink or light red, they’re completely different to granny smith, and can’t just be dismissed with the word “apple”. They’ll be in the mixed boxes, or order them separately.

Real Breads and Real seeds
La Petite Boulangerie has a new name – the Real Bread Company. Still dedicated to producing authentic French bread, they use only stone-ground flour, traditional sourdough ferments and skilled artisan hands.

Our seed offering is expanding again, and we now have oak leaf lettuce, soup celery, chinese cabbage and detroit dark red beetroot back in stock, as well as the broccoli sprouting seeds which have been disappearing as fast as we can stock them.

Plum Juice
Bloublommetjies have put their plum juice concentrate on special this week as it comes to the end of its availability. Usually R48, this week 750ml sells for R23.

Have a great week,
Ian and the Ethical team

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