Food shortages getting worse

Rocketing food prices

As food prices continue to rocket, some countries are responding by severely limiting food exports so as to ensure they have enough food to feed their own people. 15 countries have limited wheat exports, 12 maize, and 11 rice. Imported supplies of these products are becoming rarer, and more expensive, which is all the more reason to grow your own food, and buy locally grown food. We’re offering a great range of certified organic and biodynamic seeds to get you started, which you can find in our garden section.

Zeekoegat Products
Zeekoegat Farm in Riversdale have ceased production of their cheeses for the season. It’s your very last chance to buy their products until they return after the break. Prices have been marked down to clear, and stock is limited!

Biodynamic Farming and Bloublommetjieskloof

Customers ordering last week would have seen another free sample dishwashing liquid from Bloublommetjieskloof Biodynamic Farm. The criteria for biodynamic certification are much stricter than those for organic. Whereas organic is mostly exclusionary (no chemical pesticides, and so on), biodynamic requires much more, and is always organic by default. An initiative of Rudolf Steiner (also responsible for Waldorf Schools) and based on anthroposophical principles, it sees the farm as an organism with its own individuality that needs to be nurtured to get the best results. Fermented herbal and mineral preparations are used as compost additives and field sprays, and an astronomical sowing and planting calendar is used.

Bloublommetjieskloof has been farmed biodynamically for over 30 years, and is certified Biodynamic by Demeter International. Bloublommetjieskloof products include a range of biodynamic household cleaning and body care soaps, as well as dairy and market garden produce. Rozendal and Camphill are our other suppliers who farm using biodynamic principles.

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Comments ( 17 )

  1. Elma

    Whilst I think the Bloublommetjieskloof work is great, i do want to warn you that their shampoo is really yukky. It really seems to make our hair dirty rather than clean. I know the shampoos are difficult products to manufacture totally naturally, but do think that folk need to be warned. I feel this needs further development.

  2. Kirstin

    Hi Elma I appreciate your feedback. And am sorry that you have not enjoyed using the bloublommetjies shampoo. And perhaps others will share your view. I have sent a copy of your post to them. At the same time, I do know that we have customers who benefit from using the bloublommetjies shampoos, as they buy them week after week. I personally very much like using the bloublommetjies pet shampoo. Which just goes to show that sometimes our choice of product is pretty personal! Kirstin Dry Goods The Ethical Co-op

  3. Wendy Bloublommetjieskloof Farm

    Hi Elma, We live in a very harsh chemical world and this often influences our experience of nature. Healing plants have a very beautiful and infinitely delicate inherent BALANCE, and their healing function is to create a balance again, where an imbalance is found. Unlike with synthetic chemicals, results are not instant, but are REAL and also longlasting. Chemical shampoos strip the hair of the natural protecting oils and replace these with synthetic 'conditioners'. This results in a drastic imbalance(from Nature's point of view.)The biodynamic plant extracts in the Bloublommetjies Shampoo try to return the hair to its natural, healthy and balanced state. This takes time and requires from us a whole new consciousness of what is 'clean' and really healthy. I hope this can clarify your experience a little? Kind regards Wendy (Bloublommetjieskloof)

  4. Ruth

    Hi Unfortunately I must agree with Elma about the shampoo - it is horrid! Sorry to say but it is probably the worst shampoo i have used (along with fructus - remember that?). I tried it this morning, along with the conditioner. It feels like I need to wash my hair again, though did not have time so i have to spend the day with sticky, frizzy, dry and nasty feeling hair. It feels as though the shampoo and/or conditioner has not rinsed out properly. I will not use it again. I have not tried any of the other Bloublommetjieskloof products, though I love the Enchantrix organics shampoo and conditioner. I only bought the Bloublommetjieskloof products because there was no enchantrix shampoo in the store at the time. I could hardly get a comb through my hair, my fingers get stuck in it. YUCK!!!! cant wait to get home and wash it with something else!! the formula seriously needs work.

  5. jacci

    I agree about the organic shampoos, I had the same experience with the Enchantrix one as well! Wendy says it is about restoring the balance in our hair, but does not say how long this will take, do we persevere for a week, a month, or are we to live with "clean" dirty hair? I am very interested to know as I am totally against using chemical shampoos. Having said that the health shop sells a range of buety products called Victorian Garden, which dont seem to include all thise nasty chemicals and this shampoo works VERY well.

  6. debra

    the paw paw wash whitener was hard but i thought it was just compacted in the packet. since opening, it has become as hard as a brick and can't be used. what to do?

  7. Kirstin

    Hi Debra I have a reply from Wendy at Bloublomms for you. She writes: 'We have had to re-think the packaging for the powder as the bio-degradable cellophane is too porous, lets in moisture and the powder goes hard. The hard stuff can still be used though - if it can be broken into bits, it still dissolves very quickly in water - perhaps you can tell the customers that. But of course I will send a replacement too.' Sorry about the inconvenience, Debra. If you could email me, we can arrange to get you your replacement powder next time you order. Warm wishes Kirstin Dry Goods The Ethical co-op

  8. Jesse

    Just thought I'd add my 2c about the Bloublommetjieskloof shampoo - I had the opposite experience, finding it very drying. It seems to have a LOT of rosemary in it, which could be what made my hands sting? I've been washing my hair without shampoo for the last 4 months, just using bicarb and apple cider vinegar. I tried the shampoo because a friend bought it and didn't like it. Looking at the ingredients it seemed harmless enough, unlikely to reverse the great results I've had with bicarb. Alas! So I guess it's not strong enough for people who use regular shampoo, and too strong for those who don't. It smells good, though.

  9. karen

    I have had a customer who had the same yuck experience with the Victorian Garden Shampoo. After enquiring about this Lyndsay from VG sent this reply:"I have to say happily, that we have never had a complaint about the shampoos. But her problem could be due to any number of reasons and I attach an info leaflet which might help and be of use to you in any case. With our shampoos one does need to use only a very tiny amount, and if one uses too much and doesn’t wash it off properly and then uses far too much conditioner (which people tend to do), then yes it could remain on the hair shaft and the end result would be limp hair. It can also be due to build up of years of using petrochemical shampoos which take some time to strip out of the hair…..see leaflet. AND it can be due to poor health in a family….it is very hard to answer the question as to why as the feedback we get on shampoos is just always so incredible that there really isn’t a scientific or any other explanation I can give to answer her." The pamphlet refered to said that it could take a few weeks for the hair to detoxify. Regards Karen

  10. Corrine

    I have to agree with those who have not enjoyed using the Bloublomms shampoo, Ive had the exact same experience! I even mentioned this to them at the Natural and Organics fest at the Convention centre. I use the Earth sap range and especially enjoy the conditioner. I alternate btw the Earth Sap shampoo and regular stuff because I find my hair tends to become greasy if I use the same shampoo to often.

  11. Lindi

    I've just started using Bloublommetjies shampoo & conditioner 2 days ago and am not enjoying it so far (although I love the fresh, herbal smell)! I really do want to give it a good try though, as I really like the idea of something completely biodynamic & unharmful! Can anyone answer the question of how long new users should expect to feel greasy for before the natural balance comes back and all is good again? It really is a horrid feeling in the meantime. I used Enchantrix before and felt clean with that, although the conditioner didn't detangle much, so I had to fight with knots! And they're considerably more expensive than BBK products. Will try Karens suggestion of using less - I used more this morning than yesterday and feel worse!! Corrine - where do you get your Earth Sap products from? haven't heard of them yet - maybe worth a try!

  12. Natalie

    I have been using organic body products for many years now and have absolutely fabulous grease free hair. I wash my hair about 2-3 times per week, I don't have a favourite, they are all pretty similar in result. I love the Blommies lemon fragrance by far! It took me months of perseverance though, but we have a grey water system so I had no choice. My partner, who has the most devine hair, does not wash his hair at all, only uses conditioner twice per month. His hair never looks greasy. I encourage all you great people to carry on with what you are doing. During the holidays/weekends, give the soap a rest. We so often over soap when we don't need to. Water on its own is very effective.

  13. Ian Gilfillan

    The Bloublommetjies conditioner is the only product I use on my hair. I have long, thick, straight dark as well as grey hair, and find it works well. I don't think I ever went through the greasy stage though, so perhaps it depends on hair type. I do think hair health has more to do with diet than anything else though.

  14. B Griffiths

    hi there i am on a quest to find the best natural products around - shampoo, conditioner, face creams, tooth pastes etc... organic and chemical free. I must agree with the comments about bloublommeties kloof shampoo is not good and leaves hair sticky and gross and i have washed and rewashed my hair to get is free of sticky-ness. so far i am liking the earthsap lavender and sugar shampoo. anyway not to say that bloublommetjies other stuff isn't good. I use there body wash. but the soap block seems more harse to i use the liquid body wash. just thought if enough people write they will see that people aren't enjoying and could maybe look into the mixture. thanks

  15. Kirsti

    Hi B Thanks for your input. A lot of people have enjoyed earthsap and requested that we stock the products, as well as those produced by Victorian garden. However, although they are 'natural' they are not organic products. By this I mean that the ingredients are not products of organic, non-chemical farming. Using natural products is certainly a better choice for your body and the environment than chemically loaded mainstream products. However, our policy at this time is to offer, where possible, products of organic farming. This means there is no chemical contamination of the environment in their production, and also, of course, that you can be sure there are no artificial chemical residues in the products. It can be hard to find products containing all organic ingredients, but we are trying to offer the 'most' organic body and home care that we know of. kindly, Kirsti

  16. Tiana

    I just bought the Bloublommetjieskloof shampoo & conditioner... I have had the same experience as everyone else. It feels dirty, sticky and i cant even comb it out.

  17. Heidi Neethling

    I just wanna say I LOVE the product. The shampoo initially smells a bit yukkie, but other than that its absolutely AWESOME ! I have very curly hair and in the dry Cape environment, I struggle with my hair being very dry and frizzy, since using the product I really have no problem. I have to say, it took a little while before I got all the artificial waxes and chemicals to wash out of my hair. Any now my hair is in the absolute best condition its been in...probably ever. And once I apply the conditioner, it smells really awesome too ! Thanks for the Awesome product and keep up the good work ! Kind Regards, Heidi