The guinea-pig generation

Lowering cholesterol for children, US-style

Our reliance on the pharmaceutical industry for our health knowledge continues to lead us in the wrong direction. Our unfortunate friends in the US, who face more challenges than most with their irresponsible government policies, are facing a new threat.

The American Academy of Pediatrics published guidelines this month suggesting that it’s a good idea to prescribe cholesterol-lowering drugs children as young as eight. All in the name of preventing heart disease of course.

Nothing about healthy eating, no mention of the side-effects of cholestrol-lowering drugs such as statins.

Instead a simple ‘pop a pill’ approach to health that’s got us into such an unhealthy mess, and has made so much money for pharmaceutical companies. We can guess where the funding for the studies came from.

Off-label drugs

Another study from the US shows that one fifth of all drugs used in the US are off-label, meaning they’re used for purposes other than approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (which at least requires some minimal testing of both safety and effectiveness).

Now the FDA wants to hand over even more power to the pharmaceuticals, by allowing them to market drugs to doctors for purposes other than what they’ve been approved for.

All this testing is just getting in the way of profit – why not market blood pressure pills for headaches, and open up a whole new market, seems to be the thinking.

We really are the guinea pig generation.

Rasayana Prash

If you ordered last week, you would have seen a sample Rasayana Prash pack in your latest box. Developed by an Ayurvedic clinic in India, it contains absolutely no patented drugs – rather a combination of herbs and spices chosen for the rejuvenating and immune-boosting effects.

Ayurveda, the oldest health science, has eight branches, with Rasayana, meaning rejuvenation, being one of them.

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