A truck, a root and an apology

New truck

We’ve bought a truck! Unfortunately it’s not electric (yet), and we’ve had to leap through hoops to sort out the financing, as in a world of Pty limiteds and closed corporations, no one seems to understand how to deal with a co-operative, but we hope this it enable to us to share our organic goodies with more people, and offer a better service.


It may not have seemed like it this week though, as unfortunately our paper plans didn’t survive the realities of our roads, and some of our deliveries and collections were very late this week. We apologise to everyone that was inconvenienced, and we’ll do our best to ensure it all goes more smoothly next week. Thanks for bearing with us as our new baby truck finds its feet, er, wheels.

New delivery times and new collection points

The truck will enable us to open up more collection points in the near future, so many of you, especially in outlying areas, may soon see a collection point closer to you.

Collection point times will also be changing for some existing collection points:

Go Natural (Somerset West) – Thursday, 11am – 5pm
Jacqui Daya (Wynberg) – Thursday, 8am – 8pm
Health Path (Hout Bay) – Wednesday, 3pm – 5.30pm

We also have a new collection point in Scarborough, open on Wednesday from 4pm – 7pm

These are the correct times, and not the actual times this week, which were due to our bad planning!

New faces

We have two faces this week. Welcome to Pia Taylor, who will be delivering in Wynberg, and Robbie Sarracino, who’ll be delivering in the City Bowl, Camps Bay, Hout Bay and possibly Milnerton.

Daniel Baum, who many of you will have met before with a box of veggies at your door, is our new distribution co-ordinator. Which means he spends lots of time driving the truck!


Maca has been cultivated and used as a food plant and medicinal herb for centuries in the Andes. The root, which looks similar to a turnip, is starting to gain popularity worldwide as it’s purported stamina-enhancing and aphrodisiac qualities receive attention.

Maca faced going down a familiar path as a United States company was granted patents on maca’s key active compounds, and people in the Andes faced the risk of an international pharmaceutical company profiting at the expense of their indigenous knowledge that had been shared for centuries. In other words, wealthy shareholders benefit, while the people who gained and shared the knowledge gain nothing.

The company that was granted the initial patent was bought by another company though, and while they still maintain possession of the patent, they opened up the patents freely for Peruvian companies, meaning that small local companies in the Andes could at least still legitimately sell and benefit from the crop.

Clinical trials are now underway on Maca’s effectiveness in helping to reduce hot flushes and night sweats in menopausal women, and it’s likely the plant will see even more of a surge in popularity.

It’s got a malty flavour, so put it into your smoothies, or add to desserts.

Head on over to order at www.ethical.org.za

Have a great week,
the Co-op team