Monsanto concedes defeat

rBGH up for sale

Some great news from the US this week. I’ve written in the past about Monsanto’s recombinant bovine growth hormone (rBGH). After intense consumer pressure, Monsanto have announced that they are putting the business up for sale, having given up themselves. Although they will still market and sell rBGH, in spite of Monsanto’s huge campaign, including backing agriculture department officials in exchange for them passing laws banning labelling of milk as rBGH-free, it’s clear they’re realised the writing is on the wall.

This genetically-modified growth hormone (given to most dairy cows in South Africa) has been the subject of intense consumer pressure in the US. Banned in much of the world, it leads to mastitis in cows, which is then treated with increased antibiotics. These antibiotics remain in the milk and end up in our bodies, suppresing our immune and digestive systems. Cows also produce milk with increased levels of IGF-1, associated with increased likelihood of human cancers.

While Monsanto is still claiming their product is safe, and ‘no different’, the evidence is against them, and few believe them any more. Most retailers in the US have turned their backs on it, and most consumers look out for rBGH-free milk.

Monsanto have said though they’re refocussing on their successful seed business. Genetically-modified seed crops are also ‘no different’, they say, so there’s no need to label them. Except that they’re ‘better’ because they’re pest resistent (already containing pesticides!), or pesticide-resistent. Somehow, I’m not convinced. On that note, is running a petition against the introduction of a genetically-modified potato. Sign online at the site.

Let’s hope this small victory is the start of a shift, where technology comes out from behind the closed doors of profiteering corporations, suppressed and distorted for financial gain, and is put to work for the good of all humanity.

Delivery Fees

On to more mundane matters. Some of our delivery fees are increasing this week. We’ve had an odd anomaly where some regions paid less than others. From this week, we have a standard delivery fee of R45 across all regions.

New Collection Point

Look out for more collection points though, as our truck expands our network. This week we have a new collection point in Mouille Point.

Cara Cara

No, not the latest dance craze, cara cara’s are a breed of oranges. They’re pink-tinged, sweeter, and richer in Vitamin A than most other oranges. Find them in the fruit section, supplied by Kleinjongenskraal Farm.

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