Yesterday’s naive idealism…

Kumi Naidoo, arrested last week for protesting Cairn’s oil prospecting in the Arctic circle, was released this week after four days in prison.

Upon his release, he spoke of Arctic drilling being one of the defining environmental battles of our age. Twenty years ago, oil multinationals and their government allies were eyeing out Antarctica, preparing to exploit the vast riches in the last relatively untouched continent on earth.

However, after a long campaign, with many seeing the whole idea as naive idealism, Greenpeace and others saw in the current reality, with the entire continent now protected as a global commons, a World Park for all.

This campaign will also be challenging, as eight countries have territory inside the Arctic circle, many of them rather maverick when it comes to balancing their citizens concerns with corporate interests. However, with the bravery of people such as Kumi Naidoo and others, and support and action from many around the world, we can turn naive idealism into reality.

Who moved the cheese?
Sandford Dairy have been a staple, offering us great quality and reliable cheeses, but this week is the last chance to order any from them. They’re closing down the dairy next week. The cows will be moving to a happy new home in Camphill Village.

Newlands Collection Point
We haven’t had a collection point in Newlands for a while, but from this week you’ll be able to collect your boxes from Kwalapa Organic Wholefoods deli. They also offer a warm and friendly venue for a bite in the mid-winter cold.

New this week
Our warehouse is also feeling the cold and is piling on the layers to keep warm. It’s bulging with new stock and old friends returning. The mid-winter citrus is out in force, and from Kleinjongenskraal farm near Citrusdal we have kumquat, shaddock and rose grapefruit back again to add to the mix. Shaddock is a citrus variety that tastes something like a sweet grapefruit, while kumquats are the small citrus with a sweet rind and a sour interior. Don’t make the mistake of peeling them and eating only the inside – it’s really sour, and sweet and sour contrast between the rind and the inside makes for an unusual taste. Some with a sweet tooth have been known to eat only the rind.

Other products new this week include oatcakes and rice cakes, and returning after a hiatus we have tomato and basil cracker oat bread, artichoke hearts, a real labour of love as they are very time-consuming to produce, mushrooms and even more seeds for those burgeoning home gardens.

Have a great week,
Ian and the Ethical team

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