Place of Sweet Water

Cape Town is blessed to have an abundance of great quality spring water. Much of it has been blocked, built on, or left to empty into a river. The spring in the city centre that once quenched the thirst of visiting sailors is now embedded in the Golden Acre Mall. This same spring pours 2.4 millions litres of water each day, almost a litre for every person in Cape Town, straight into the stormwater system.

Organisations like Reclaim Camissa (Camissa is the ancient Khoi name for Cape Town, meaning “Place of Sweet Water”) are doing fantastic work in researching these forgotten springs, and integrating them into a future sustainable Cape Town.

Many of us collect water from the Newlands Spring, or other similar springs. We’ve had numerous requests to deliver water with our orders, so, starting from this week, that’s what we’re doing!

The water is freely available for anyone to collect from the Newlands spring, but we’re offering the service to collect it for you, and deliver it with the rest of your order. It will come in a 10 litre re-usable water bottle, which will be included as part of the price.

In future, we’re hoping to be able to refill it for you without the need of buying another one.

Gaia Market
We haven’t been at a market for many years now, but this weekend we’ll be attending the Gaia Food Market in Constantia, a new speciality market dedicated to authentic plant-based cuisine. If you’re in the area, come pay us a visit at the Alphen Hall from 9am.

New Wellington collection point
We’ve recently added Newlands and Noordhoek collection points, and this week it’s the turn of Wellington. You can now collect your boxes from Bloublommetjieskloof Farm shop near Wellington.

Have a great week,
Ian and the Ethical team

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