rBGH update, honeybees, and raw food for children and pregnant moms

rBGH has a new owner
Last week I mentioned that Monsanto was dumping it’s bovine growth hormone business. It didn’t take long, but they’ve found a buyer. Eli Lilly, a large pharmaceutical company, and the company which has been selling rBGH outside of the USA, is now taking over the entire business.

In some senses it’s a perfect fit. Genetically-modified rBGH is associated with a host of ailments, including, amongst other things, diabetes. Diabetes drugs are a highly profitable line for Eli Lilly. Monsanto also used to profit financially from diabetics, as one of their creations, aspartame, is used by some as a sugar-replacement.

But of course that may all be coincidence. Naturally, the first thing you see on Eli Lilly’s website is their committment to helping people ‘live longer, healthier and more active lives’.

If you’re looking to replace refined sugar in your diet (and you should be!), there are much better options to use in moderation, such as honey, dates and xylitol.

Honeybee losses worldwide continue to rise, with the UK situation particularly catastrophic. 1 in 3 honeybees did not survive winter and spring, and there will be no British honey available from the end of the year until the northern hemisphere summer. Still, all the suspected causes, such as pesticides, genetically-modified crops, and electromagnetic radiation, are on the increase worldwide.

Raw Food for pregnant mothers and young children
We’re featuring a video this week by one of my favourite inspirational speakers and nutritionists, David Wolfe. He talks about raw food for pregnant mothers and young children.

Unfortunately we’re out of stock of some of the foods he mentions, but do keep your eyes out for them.

Visit www.ethical.org.za to order.

Have the best week ever!
The Co-op team.

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    where can i find milk that is not contaminated?

  8. christo strauss

    We distribute Caledon milk in the Helderberg area. All our Caledon dairy products are rBGH free. We also test each batch to make sure that the cows are also not on any antibiotics. We have a few dairy shops - Strand, Somerset west, Stellenbosch and Bellville. We are also very willing to join the Ethical corp, and we can also offer our shops as drop of points (most of them have cool rooms as well) Please contact me on Dairylink@gmail.com We offer Milk, Yogurt, Cheese, Amazi and Real farm butter. Our Yogurt is also naturally 'Grown' yogurt with real fruit pulp and not milk solids with gelatin like most other yogurts.