It’s amazing what you can accomplish…

Welcome to everyone new from Sunday’s Gaia Fair, and hello again to those I met there. It’s great to get out from behind my laptop every now and again!

It’s amazing what you can accomplish if you don’t care who gets the credit.

This saying was bouncing around the social networks the last few days, and it’s the kind of thing many of us may agree with quickly and pass on without too much thought. It’s quite a profound statement, and challenging to put into practise.

How easy is it really not to care who gets the credit? It speaks to our motivation for acting. Is it to get ahead in a career, to get the reward, whether praise or financial, or do we act to build a better world? If we’re looking for personal reward, of course we want to get the credit for the job well done. We’re mainly acting to get the reward. But if it’s to build a better world, it becomes much easier to share or disregard the credit. The ego might still enjoy being praised for its contribution, but the pleasure is in seeing the benefits for everyone.

What’s your motivation for your actions?

Women’s Day
With tomorrow being a public holiday, a surprising number of our suppliers are working right through it. But some need their orders in sooner, so don’t delay. In particular, if you’re looking for any mushrooms now is the time!

New this week
We have lots new this week. Local almonds to complement the return of the Valencia almonds, as well more pecans, both large pieces and great quality whole pecans. To add to our ever-expanding range of nut butters, we’re offering sunflower nut butter this week. Also, three old favourites we haven’t seen for a while, popcorn, couscous and chickpeas. And lots more if you look around!

Have a great week,
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