Faster customer service and faster chocolate

Customer Service Improvements
It appears some of our customer service queries were being answered late, or not at all. Please accept our apologies if you’ve been affected. We’ve made some changes which should ensure much quicker responses and that nothing slips through the cracks in future. If you still have an unresolved issue, please send it through again and we’ll do our best to sort it out promptly this time!

Cacao Paste and Raw Chocolates
Raw chocolate is proving very popular as more people discover the benefits of eating raw, vegan chocolate without added sugar or dairy. But it’s not just eating it that’s proving popular. Many people are enjoying making it as well. To ease this process, Soaring Free Superfoods have got a new product, Raw Cacao Paste. The paste is made by taking the raw cacao nibs and slowly conching them at low speed and low temperature for three days, avoiding the need for battling to get the right texture with the cacao powder yourself.

Simply add cacao butter and a sweetener of choice.

For those of you like me who rarely progress beyond eating chocolate made by others, we still have offerings from our three great suppliers.

Euphoria Foiled’s chocolates are almost sold out, but hopefully Jane will be making more soon. Gayleen has a new variety to add to her orange, ginger and mint mix – brazil creme. Unfortunately I’ve eaten half the batch, and it’ll probably sell out too, but we should have more soon as well.

In spite of my best efforts we should however have sufficient stock of Honest Chocolates‘ maca slab, cacao nib slab and chocolate spread. Congratulations to them too on the launch of their new shop, opening this week.

Water refills and Returns
After rumours of the Newlands Spring water being unsafe to drink we had it tested, and it passed with flying colours. We plan to regularly test the water to make sure it remains great over the different seasons and weather conditions. Don’t forget that we also offer a refill service, so you don’t always need to buy a new bottle, and if you get your bottles back to us we can refill them for you at a lower cost.

For the next few weeks that cost is much lower – we’re offering a free refill with the rest of your order. Please enquire when you get your next order whether the collection point or delivery person accepts returns – most do, and we’re hoping to have all this information listed on the website soon.

We’d also love to get the Camphill-style 1 litre glass bottles back, as well as flattened cardboard boxes, all of which are happily re-used.

Have a great week,
Ian and the Ethical team

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